This blog has been quiet for a long time.
This is mostly due to me being busy, and not having much to write about.

Also, some of the reason is that Anton, who hosted my blog from the start in late 2008, announced that he was going to abandon the old Movable Type blog platform in favor of ikiwiki.
Not feeling much inclined to use time on a doomed platform, I did not write.

Back in January, Anton helped me migrate my stuff to ikiwiki, and all that that was left was some css hacking. However Open Source Days 2011 was right around the corner, and the new blog project was put on hold.

But now it is finished, and my new ikiwiki powered blog is live.

During the process, I discovered that ikiwiki is very easy to host, thus I moved the blog to my own server. Thanks much to Anton for the hosting of the old blog, and all the resulting Movable Type hacking and patching.
I can only recommend that you look into ikiwiki, just as Anton writes here.

I have tried to keep old links working, but stuff is bound to be forgotten ...
Comment here to have it fixed.