Yesterday my good friends Anton, Lars, Simon, Erwin and I held the yearly vodka party at my place.

As per usual everyone brought a bottle of vodka (Anton brought two) for the evenings main course.
But first we had to have the starters, which, again as per usual, was pizzas from the best pizza place in my area: San Marino Pizza & Grillbar in TÃ¥singegade. Five number ones was the order.

We had some leftovers from the previous year, making the total number of different vodkas 13. This years lineup, with the 6 new bottles on the left: img_2951.jpg (The unreadable label is saying (in Russian): Russian Standard, Platinum, Vodka) img_2952.jpg

All in all we had a great evening, but with 6 bottles being added, 2 taken home, and 2 being emptied, it looks like we will continue to expand the collection.

As this was not a vodka tasting, but a social gathering, we did not take notes. Most were good, a few were not so good.