A Ritzau telegram tells about a horse which made it through the fence around CPH. See TV2-nyhederne for the story in Danish.

The horse apparently found an open gate, got scared by the planes, and ran out via a manned checkpoint - breaking it in the process.
I guess this is the only reason anyone saw it ...

I am really happy that the average horse is way smarter than the average jihadist. Otherwise the implications of this would be staggering.

But it gives me something to ponder the next time I fly, while I wait in the security line, and have to put my 007-laptop in a separate tray, remove my ninja-belt and empty my pockets of all my magic weapons[1] prior to the security check.



[1] At which point I frantically check if I remembered to leave my Leatherman Squirt P4 keychain multitool with the super deadly 4cm blade at home.