I arrived at my usual hotel in Aalborg to find that all rooms with wired internet were booked[1], and that my assigned room could not see the hotel wireless. Sigh!

My Sonofon USB 3G modem was not recognized by my old-ish FreeBSD 7.0-RELEASE-p5. So I went geocaching to kill my suddenly free evening.

Next day, I cvsup'ed at work, and upgraded to 8-current when I came back to the hotel.
Still no luck.

Adding the device ID of the modem to the driver helped a lot. Now 3 serial devices showed up.
The first two seemed dead, but the third worked.

I made a few modifications to PHKs ppp.conf file.

Changed connection name to 'sonofon'.
Set device to '/dev/cuaU0.2'.
Changed the address for connection to 'internet' (from 'bredband.tre.dk').

That is it. (The rest of PHKs mail can be ignored, as -current has changed since.)

To connect to the net, I just type:

ppp sonofon

Until my patch gets accepted, you can find it here. You will need a somewhat recent FreeBSD 8-current to make it work.

Just to add info. The text on the USB dongle says:
0682 FCC ID: NCMOGI0225 Model: GI0225


[1] These guys are good at running a hotel, and they have a killer restaurant. They are however not very good at running a reliable wireless network.

The other two serial devices should be usable for sending SMS'es and getting connection quality data while staying online.

See http://nerd.dk/archives/2007/05/03/index.html#e2007-05-03T10_45_28.txt and http://nerd.dk/archives/2007/05/11/index.html#e2007-05-11T12_03_54.txt

Comment by Andreas Plesner Jacobsen Fri May 1 09:22:11 2009