I love my iPod [1].
I don't really use it for music, I mainly listen to podcasts.
I guess that 90-95% of my iPods[2] playtime has been spent playing podcasts[3].

I spend 45min on the bus to and from work. Listening to podcasts transforms that time from wasted to well used.
A pair of good noise isolating earphones allows me to ignore the brats that sometimes crowd the bus. And when flying they keep the engine noise out.

The podcasts I like are mainly about science and technology.
Loosely sorted by quality, they are:
Quirks & Quarks
So Ein Ding (In Danish)
Harddisken (In Danish)
The Naked Scientists
Videnskabens Verden (In Danish)
Ask Mr. DNS
IT Conversations (Quality of the shows varies wildly)

Other podcasts that I like are (in alplabetic order):
Dan Carlin's Hardcore History
Danmark Kort (In Danish)
In Our Time
Pat Condell's Godless Comedy
Selvsving (In Danish)
Tjenesten (In Danish)


[1] And I know that the RMS fanboyz will hate my guts for that statement.
The fact is, that for my needs, an iPod beats the competition hands down.
[2] Some asshat stole my first one.
[3] Yes podcasts. Not pirated copies of music made by mediocre "artists", whose only claim to fame is what their label bought them. Eat shit IFPI.

comment 1

FLOSS Weekly is usually not too bad. They've had some great guests, and even though Leo Laporte is clueless and Randall Schwartz is self-obsessed it's still a good listen.


Comment by Josef A Mon May 11 22:11:39 2009