Jeff Dunham rocks!
I've been a fan since I saw the first YouTube clip with Achmed.
And I have bought the two DVDs (they are currently being passed around amongst my colleagues).

So when Peter sent mail, asking if I wanted tickets to Jeffs show in Forum, 'YES!' was the only answer.

After having eaten at a nearby cafe, we arrived at Forum at 19:50, and went inside - after having waited for the smokers to do their last-minute fixing.
Henrik and I went looking for a toilet. It turned out that it was a big mistake not to have used the one at the cafe, as there were big lines everywhere. We eventually found a toilet in a corner with only a short line.
Time to find our seats.

The seats Peter got were great. Row two, and right in the middle - despite being marked 'Row 2, Seat 43'. Thanks Peter!

While waiting for the show to start, we watched the slideshow on the big screen.
It was a Walter Q&A show along the lines of:
Question: I have recently married. Any advice for me?
Walter: Sorry, it's too late for you now.

At around 19:15 Guitar-Guy went on, and did a half hour warm-up show.
It was great. And he even had a third of the material based on local stuff. For instance the Danish word for 'chef' is 'kok', and it's pronounced just like 'cock'.
The punchline being that a big kok made him gag in Copenhagen.


Jeff didn't go on right after Guitar-Guy. Instead we were "entertained" by this sign for 5-10 minutes:

At around 19:50 the main show started with an Al-Jeffzeera broadcast img_3097.jpg

From here on, the show was a solid 2 hours of laughs.







In the last part with Bubba J, it was very obvious that the audience knew the lines way better than Jeff. This resulted in Jeff reading from his cheat sheet, and the audience doing the punchline in chorus. He seemed impressed.

The show was the 'spark of insanity' show, with a third of new and local jokes.
It was really good. And Jeff mentioned that the audience for this show was the biggest that he had had outside of USA.

During the show Jeff mentioned that his carer only took off after his fans began posting clips from his shows on YouTube. This is interesting because most artists just whine about how this supposedly results in lost sales and other BS.
Jeff obviously has the intelligence to realize that publicity from real fans is the best kind of publicity an artist can get. And that this kind of publicity can only help sales.

All in all a great experience. Thanks Jeff!