I went geocaching with Anton today.

We went to the area near Hørsholm Slot.
The weather was really nice, and we met a couple of nice people. They were clearly muggles, but they were 100% knowing about what we were doing under the bridge and up in the tree, and one guy even came with suggestions as to where to look in the tree. Apparently geocaching is not so underground anymore.

We only got 7 out of 10 caches, which is way below par. On the other hand, it was a nice 5hour walk, and I got a couple of nice pictures.

On the way back to Antons car, we passed 3 horses behind an electric fence.
I chose to feed one of them with some fresh grass. The fence reached to the middle of my chest, but I had no problem keeping my arm above it - that is until the horse nibbled the grass from my palm, and pushed down on my arm.
Lifting 500+kg of horse is not really my thing, and my arm connected with the fence, sending a nasty shock through my arm and to the poor horse.
Bad electric shock to us both. And 2 hours of half-numb arm for me. And judging from the reaction of the horse (and the obvious spark sound), the horse was not too pleased either.


Some of the pictures I took: