In my (not so humble) opinion, the Apple Mighty Mouse is a piece of crap.
It is the worst mouse I have ever spent my money on.

A year ago I bought my Mac mini with the wireless aluminum keyboard and Mighty Mouse.
The mini works fine, and the keyboard is beautiful and works well for my needs.

But the Mighty Mouse ...

The Mac mini is used in my living room with my TV, and as such it has seen fairly light use.
Non the less, the scroll wheel "ball" on top has become extremely unreliable. When using it to scroll down, the movement is like 2-4 steps down, 1 step up. And when releasing it, 90% of the time it results in a 1 step up. Forget about doing any kind of precision work with it.
I think the "scroll ball" worked fairly well in the beginning, and for most of a year. But the last month or two it has been unusable[1].

And it is far from the only problem this hardware has.

I am an X Window system guy, and as such I am used to 3-button mice. I am used to relaxing my index-, middle- and ring-finger on the shell of the mouse, and press down with whatever finger I need. This style has helped me keep carpal tunnel syndrome away for more than 10 years.

Not so on the Mighty Mouse.
You see, the Touch-Sensitive Top-Shell (can you smell the Marketing Bull-Shit?) can not tell which finger pressed down if more than one is on the top, and that means that if your index-finger is on the top, then any press will be seen as an index-finger press.
Really nice when you have spent some time selecting a bunch of stuff, and need to click with your ring-finger to select something from the pop-up menu. BAM! - selection lost.

The Force-Sensing Side Buttons (there is that smell again) are positioned in a way that makes it impossible to reach the button with your thumb, when your hand is relaxed on the mouse. And you really do not have the strength in your little finger to use it for pressing that button.
Result: Button totally unused.

Being an X Window system guy, I am used to use 'middle button click' a lot. On the Mac I mostly use it in Firefox, to open a link in a new tab. With this mouse you need to be really careful not to start scrolling right before doing a 'middle button click'. Not really the experience you need when browsing the news.

All in all I can only say: It looks really nice, but if you need a mouse, then avoid it at all costs.


[1] Yes, I know that some people say that cleaning the ball will fix the problem. I also know that most people say that it is only a short-term fix.